Leading Telecommunications giant, Huawei Technologies during the closing ceremony of its 2020 Ghana Seeds for the Future programme has rewarded the top ten students who performed tremendously well in this year’s programme.

The students, during the programme, were graded based on the courses they enrolled on and their participation in group activities after which an online exams was arranged for them to test their capabilities.

Out of a total of 50 beneficiaries, 10 students comprising of six (6) ladies and four (4) gentlemen from University of Ghana, Kwame Nkrumah University of 9Science and Technology, Ghana Communications Technology University, University of Energy and Natural Resources and Wa Technical University came top in the competition.

The students Randel Daketse, Jeremiah Amlanu, Isaac Akambole, Anafo Suzan, Esther Abankwa, Abudu Bayowor, Shona Dery, Emilia Boadi-Misa, Samuel Amankwa and Dalia Josephine Anakwah (1st & overall best) received latest Huawei phones, gift vouchers, branded laptop bags, t-shirts and branded flasks each.

For participating in the event the rest of the beneficiaries also received gift vouchers, branded laptop bags and other souvenirs from Huawei.

Speaking at the event, Huawei Student ambassador for University of Ghana, Joshua Eyram Wordey thanked Huawei on behalf of the students and encouraged his colleagues to make a difference in the lives of children in STEM, as well as anywhere they find themselves as a means of promoting ICT in Ghana.

“Our appreciation goes to Huawei for conceiving, grooming and implementing the idea of the Seeds for the Future program. The lessons and experiences we have gathered from just a week with Huawei is phenomenal. It is amazing to see how the confusing concepts of 5G, Cloud Computing, and Artificial Intelligence have been simplified to our understanding. The dilemma most of us are having now is in which field to venture into. The possibilities in each field seem so limitless and our gratitude is to Huawei for sparking and igniting these passions in us.

” We are committed to put in our very best in learning more about these fields and the potential they possess. 5G, AI and Cloud computing are the future and we are privileged to be involved in this training. Our Joy knows no bounds! We are seeds for the future and in the upcoming future, most of us would be finding ourselves in places of influence especially in the technology space. My humble call to us is to raise more seeds as we go out there into the real world. Not everyone can become a Huawei seed, and as seeds, it is our responsibility to grow and multiply what we are made up of.” He said.

The Deputy Managing Director of Huawei Ghana and Director of Enterprise Business Group, Geoffrey Li, thanked all partners and congratulated the students for their success while entreating them to impact their society and country with the knowledge and skills acquired.

“I would also like to thank all our partners, Tertiary Education directorate of the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Communications, UNESCO, the University of Ghana, Ghana Communications Technology University, the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) and the National council for Tertiary Education as well as you the students and the Media. Your efforts have brought this program to fruition and set a new benchmark.

“We believe this is not just the end of it because Huawei stands ready to work even closer with the Ghanaian government and educational institutions to impact more lives through ICT for a fully connected world.” He said.