Ghana would be receiving modern helicopters from Russia as part of their initiative to equip the Ghana National Defence Force in enhancing its capability to protect its airspace, land and territorial waters.

Colonel Nikolay Pavlov, the Armed Forces Attache at the Russian Embassy in Ghana, said Russia would also broaden the operational capabilities of the Ghana Army.

This he said is to expand their participation in the peacekeeping missions of the United Nations worldwide.

According to Col Pavlov the Russian Army has some new sets of objectives due to the new national security priorities and foreign shifts of recent years.

These objectives, he said, is geared towards dettering military and political threats to the security and interests of the Russian Federation.

He added that Russian’s are proud of their Army’s success in war against terrorism.

“After two years of actions, more than 55,000 terrorists were exterminated, with 67,000 square kilometres of territory cleared, which is more than 1000 localities liberated.

“This was after 32,000 sorties and 92,000 aviation strikes were made,” he said.

According to him, the Russian Federation is responsible for maintaining peace and security all over the world.

He however explained that every February 23, day is marked as a public holiday in Russia and celebrated to remember veterans and brave fallen soldiers who fought for victories in prominent wars like the World War I and II.

The celebration was graced by Ghana’s Second Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Mr Alban Sumani Babgin, Chief of Defence Staff, Lieutenant-General Obed Akwa, Chief of Naval Staff, Rear Admiral Peter Faidoo, Chief of Army Staff, Major-General William Ayamdo, Members of the Diplomatic Corps, traditional leaders and Defence Attaches of the diplomatic community.