A Ghanaian, Kane Mani has developed an app dubbed ‘E-prepaid’ to enable electricity consumer purchase electricity online.

The app, allows individuals to purchase electricity at the comfort of their homes, just by logging onto it.

With the app, individuals can also purchased electricity at anytime without worrying about the hour.

Kane Mani says, thanks to the app, customers will no longer have to join long queues or struggle during rush hours to purchase electricity.

The app he says, works by facilitating the purchase of power between the client and the vendors without the client having to necessarily go to the vending point.

According to him, he designed such an app, because he gets touched whenever he sees customers going through a lot of struggles just to purchase electricity.

He mentioned that, he personally had an experience where he once had to walk all the way from Ajiriganor to American House in East Legon, to purchase electricity.

“After that day, it occurred to me that if I had this problem then others might too,” he said in an exclusive interview with Joy News.

He said, his team are making lots of money from the app which has so far been accepted by many Ghanaians.

He, however, pointed out that the app is not a subsidiary of the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG).

Report by: Stephanie Horsu