Vice President of Ghana, Dr Mahamudu Bawumia has indicated that Government will be paying all public sector workers via e-zwich, to help eliminate ghost workers.

As a result, all public sector workers who drew their salaries from the Consolidated Fund must be issued with e-zwich cards if they do not have them.

Dr Bawumia, speaking at the launch of a new payment card in Accra, he mentioned that the biometric features of the e-zwich made it ideal for public sector payments, as it was able to eliminate ghost workers.

According to him, salaries would be paid into every worker’s bank account, but would be filtered through the e-zwich system to make sure that the whole public sector payroll was devoid of ghost workers.

“This means that all public sector workers who do not have the e-zwich cards will be issued with these e-zwich cards and, even though the money is not going to be paid to the e-zwich card, the money will be paid into every worker’s bank account but the filter will be e-zwich and that will make sure that for the whole public sector payroll, we can say that there will be no ‘ghost’ workers,” Dr Bawumia stated.

Commenting on the new dual card, Dr Bawumia, indicated that government would use technology and digitisation to solve the problem of ghost workers so that all workers would get their pay but through the filter of the e-zwich.

He commended GhIPSS and the Telcos for their hard work stating that Ghana is the first country in Africa to have interoperability in mobile money and bank accounts which have also been extended to e-zwich account.