Inclusive Financial Technologies, a Fintech startup from Ghana with focus on connecting unbanked Africans to the global economy through a single identity verification API (Application Programming Interface) has being selected to join the final selection stage of the second edition of the StartupBootCamp (SBC) Africa.

The SBC event which is taking place in Cape Town this year is the Africa-leg of industry focused accelerators.

The SBC team in partnership with the program’s corporate sponsor screened the applicants down to 22 top tech startups, after receiving over 1,004 applicants from 77 countries across the world.

Notably, unlike 2017, the applicants for this year have gained more attraction in the market. The SBC team and the corporate sponsors allocated two weeks to limit it down to the top 22 which are expected to be invited to the final days of selection on 11th and 12th July, 2018.

Nevertheless 10 out of the 22 teams invited to the SBC Africa final selection Days will be selected to join the 2018 cohort.

The startups will have the opportunity to pitch their ideas to eminent corporate sponsors and investors alike. In addition, they will be given the opportunity to be around and interact with sponsors and mentors.

At the end of Day two of the final selection, the top 10 startups would be declared and welcomed to Cape Town-based Accelerator which will be in August this year.

According to Zachariah George, Co -founder and Chief Investment Officer of Startupbootcamp Africa, the investment community across Africa is appreciating the benefits they get in the market as a result of being alumni of a global accelerator program with more startups realising the importance of participating in SBC Africa.

About Startupbootcamp

Startupbootcamp was founded in 2010 as a global accelerator with 18 programs in Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Chengdu, Istanbul, London, Mexico City, Miami, Mumbai, New York, Rome, Singapore and Cape Town.

SBC helps startups to grow by giving them access to the international network of relevant partners, investors and mentors.

SBC Africa, is the African leg of the program and it was launched in 2017 in Cape Town, South Africa

About Inclusive Financial Technology

Inclusive Financial Technology is a Ghanaian tech startup that is focused on connecting the unbanked Africans to the global economy through an identity verification API (Application Programming Interface).

It builds platforms that allow financial institutions, fintechs and developers to reach their most remote customers.

Report by: Irene Ashiley/