Telecommunications company Glo Ghana has revealed that, per a court order it has cut its support service to Surfline.

This is due to an outstanding debt owed by the later.

Per reports, the debt issue led to a legal confrontation and as a result the court demanded it stops providing its service to Surfline.

According to a source, Glo did its best to ensure the situation did not get out of hand but Surfline did not help matters.

The incident which led to a blackout has left customers of Surfline Ghana Limited frustrated over the issue.

This is because customers have not had access to internet for almost 3 days now.

Officials of the two companies are in talks to find a solution to the problem.

However, Surfline openly apologized on facebook tagging the internet blackout as “technical challenges.”

In the post the company indicated that  measures are being put in place to enable them solve the problem.

“Dear Customer, we apologize for your inability to access our network at the moment due to some technical challenges. Our Team is working to restore service.”

“There are no specific timelines as at now. Our team is working around the clock to restore connectivity as soon as possible.

“We will communicate with you via SMS & Social Media when our services are fully restored. Thank you for your patience,” it added.

Surfline added that the said technical challenges affected all its call centres hence their inability to effectively communicate the internet blackout to customers.

These explanations have not gone down well with customers of Surfline on social media.

Most of them argue that Surfline has shut down its call centre to avoid the pressure from customers who were going to call for explanations.