The Ghana Mobile Congress (GMC 2018), a platform connecting people in the world of mobile, internet and technology, will soon be drawing to a close.

The month-long programme, which began November 29 2018 in Accra, will end on December 29 2018 with an award show.

The programme organised by BizGroNet in partnership with the media, Ghanaian government and investors was themed “Connecting Africa to Create Jobs”.

GMC 2018 aims to connect Ghana to Africa, to create sustainable jobs in mobile, internet and technology, and to enhance the strategic, national priority, by promoting, facilitating and empowering existing industry players and startups.

Forums have been held at the programme to address topics in five general categories; Job Creation, Technology, Policies, Business Opportunities, and Digital Life.

The event also gathered industry experts and leaders, to provide insights into the current and future developments of the African and global telecom ecosystem, and the ICT industry.

GMC 2018 has out together trade shows, conferences and plans to go it with a bang with a startup awards ceremony for companies in the technology sector.

By: ClaraDoku/