The hustle of finding a suitable place to call your home is very real in Ghana. Lots of people have issues moving from one place to another without finding a suitable place.

Now the hustle and time-wasting moments are over with the solution MeQasa provides to the general public who need to find affordable accommodation.

MeQasa is a Ghana-based real estate startup digital platform for renting and buying and selling property.

The solution streamlines the listing process, making it easy for individuals, real estate agents, and agencies to post homes and properties for sale.

The Founder of MeQasa, Kelvin Nyame, and his co-founders, registered the company in 2013 to relieve the stress of people moving from one point or the other to search for a suitable place to live.

This digital platform has made it easier for people to find suitable accommodation in Ghana at the right price and according to their tastes and preferences. currently features over 30,000 residential and commercial properties from across the country available for rent or purchase, providing a suitable place to rest for both the middle-class and high-class salary earners.

They also facilitate a meaningful, trusted engagement between customers and agents into classes based on level of experience, customer service, and price.