Google has launched another line of its lightweight apps (GMAIL Go) designed primarily for emerging markets.

The app, like others in the Go line, uses less storage space on the user’s smartphone.

It also makes better use of mobile data compared to the regular version of Gmail.

The app offers standard Gmail features like multiple account support, conversation view, attachments, and push notifications for new messages.

It also prioritizes messages from friends and family first, while categorizing promotional and social emails in separate tabs, as Gmail does.

Just like other Go apps, Gmail Go doesn’t consume as much storage space on the device.

However, according to numerous reports, Gmail Go clocked in at a 9.51 MB download, and takes up roughly 25 MB of space on a device, compared with Gmail’s 20.66 MB download, and 47 MB storage space.

Though Google is yet to make a formal announcement on Gmail Go, s and some technology enthusiasts have spotted its availability on the Google Play store.