Google has announced a partnership with Pluralsight and Andela to offer 30,000 scholarships and 1000 grants to students in Africa with access to a 4-month training program in Android and Mobile web courses.

The scholarships are part of the web giant’s pledge to train 100,000 developers across Africa in 5 years.

The students will be training for the Google Associate Android Developer, Mobile Web Specialist and Associate Cloud Engineer certifications.

This opening is available to graduates of the Google Africa Scholarship Challenge, Developer student clubs, GDGs and other aspiring and professional developers across Africa.

The program aims to deliver a constant engagement platform to developers, hopeful and prevailing, in Africa.

It also serves to put them on track to become proficient developers with skills that can get them through the Google certification to prove job readiness.

“Although it is still early days into our 100k commitment, the successes we have seen so far inspires and drives us to continue to launch new initiatives aimed at increasing the number of employable skilled software developers in Africa while striving to bridge the unemployment gap on the continent.” William Florance, Head of Economic Impact Programs at Google, said.

Interested students can apply at