In the age of data breaches and hacking, account security has never been more critical. If any account suffers a data breach, the password could end up in the hands of hackers, regardless of how strong it is.

Staying on top of which hacks affectinv internet users is difficult, and is why password managers are becoming more and more widespread and offering to automatically update passwords on a regular basis.

Now, Google is attempting to make Chrome users more secure with the release of a new extension that automatically checks to see if the passwords you are using are safe.

The Password Checkup is a new, free extension that, checks account details anytime users sign in.

If the password used appears on any data breach lists the user will receive an alert urging them to reset the password.

However, the same password is used for other accounts then an alert will be sent for those, too.

Google is making it very clear that using Password Checkup does not share any identifying information about users, their accounts, passwords, or devices.

The only information shared is anonymous and regarding the number of lookups that return an unsafe set of credentials.

In other words, there’s no real downside to installing the extension and helping protect your online accounts.