Google has made known its intention of making Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) courses available to everyone.

According to them, the new “Learn with Google AI portal” will allow anyone with an interest in AI to learn how to make the most of AI and neural networking.

Previously, the courses were designed for internal use to train Googlers only.

Google AI executive Zuri Kemp explained that, experts looking for advanced tutorials and materials on TensorFlow, as well as individuals who want to take their first steps with AI can get the information there.

According to Google, there is also a Machine Learning Crash Course (MLCC) which “provides exercises, interactive visualizations, and instructional videos that anyone can use to learn and practice ML concepts.”

The free course is said to have been signed up for by 18,000 Googlers who have used the skills learned for projects as diverse as collaborating the cameras on Daydream headsets, to VR for Google Earth, to intelligently improving the streaming quality of YouTube video.

Google has been pushing Artificial Intelligence in all parts of its business ranging from Google Assistant on mobile to Google Deep Mind.

It has also been working on intelligent wearables for sufferers of long-term health conditions to help NHS Doctors react to problems before they occur.

Google has promised that there will be additional courses and documentation in the coming months.