Google has unveiled their latest project, a cloud gaming service called Stadia, set to launch later this year.

Previously known as Project Stream, Stadia will run on a custom chip from AMD, which has the combined computing power of a PlayStation 4 and an Xbox One, Google said at GDC.

It will allow Google’s data centers around the world to stream 4K gaming content at 60 frames per second, with HDR and surround sound over any hardware—smartphone, tablet, Chromecast-enabled TV, or PC.

To access Stadia, users only need a Chrome browser and a steady internet connection.

Google’s cloud gaming service aims to make YouTube the centerpiece for accessing and sharing game streaming content.

The YouTube integration will also pave the way for professional game streamers to invite their followers to play with them during matches.

Stadia will first launch in the US, UK, Canada, and Europe. Google will announce more details about the cloud gaming service later this year.ZuvielNaazie/