Google is wooing developers with new machine learning tools that automate the process.

Google Cloud announced Cloud AutoML which was introduced as a service that will make machine learning more accessible to applications from healthcare to retail.

The service will be available to Google Cloud customers on a case-by-case basis, with app makers paying proportionally for how often their apps make use of Google’s API.

Cloud AI chief scientist Fei-Fei Li, said currently only a handful of businesses have access to the talent and budgets to appreciate machine learning and AI.

“It’s been clear to me since I joined that we needed to scale out AI to more people,” he said.

He mentioned that, developers will first get access to a tool in image tagging and recognition called Cloud AutoML Vision.

And users will be able to upload groups of images and then sit back as Google’s software tags the images and trains machine learning models based on their content.

Google is said to have already offered machine-learning tools in the market.

This includes its Vision API, which didn’t provide the same level of detail.

Those tools he said, could tag photos with clouds in them.

For example; with Google’s new tool, developers would be able to tag and know which type of cloud is in the image, distinguishing between cumulus clouds and cirrus or nimbostratus ones.

The added detail, can allow users to solve more specific problems using machine learning, the company says.