The embossment of digital addresses on public and popular buildings which commenced in October 2017 is expected to end in March 2018.

So far, about 2,400 state institutions and other popular buildings nationwide have been embossed with their digital addresses under the contract between Vokacom and Ghana Post for the first phase of the project.

However, Phase two of the project which involves the tagging of all other properties, is expected to be undertaken by Ghana Post on request as well as for a fee.

Ms Edwina Andrews, the Director in charge of the tagging exercise said the exercise is part of the company’s mandate under the contract.

According to her, some prominent facilities, including the headquarters of the Ghana Police Service and the Ghana National Fire Service, the Ghana Health Service, post offices, the Accra Sports Stadium, the Ghana News Agency and the Environmental Protection Agency in Accra, had already been tagged with their digital addresses.

She explained that those institutions were selected for the first phase because facilitation of government businesses are much easier.

She mentioned that, it will also make it easy to locate popular places such as tourist sites, churches and mosques without asking for directions.

MS Andrews has appealed to those who are yet to generate their digital addresses to do so as soon as possible as it will increase their visibility and enhance their operations.