The government of Ghana, during the passing out ceremony of the NABCO recruits indicated that,  a mobile application will be introduced soon,  to monitor the activities of the trainees.

According to President Akuffo-Addo,  the performance of the trainees will also be monitored using the innovative app.

He therefore urged the trainees to demonstrate their value for knowledge on the basis of effective performance and productivity.

You must show your professional credentials through timeliness and punctuality, and above all live beyond reproach so you could discharge your responsibilities with efficiency so that all at the end of the day can vouch for your integrity,” he added.

According to him, the government of Ghana is investing about GHC3 billion of taxpayers’ money into the programme.

And as a result NABCO recruits must earn every amount they are given through hard work and dedication.

“I admonish our NABCO trainees to be dutiful and productive.  You must show your professional credentials to timeliness and punctuality. Live beyond reproach,” he said.

The NABCO programme is being run under  7 modules namely;  Feed Ghana, Educate Ghana, Revenue Ghana, Heal Ghana, Enterprise Ghana, Digitise Ghana and Governance Ghana.

About 100,000 people will be enrolled onto the programme during the first year.

By: StephanieHorsu/