Hacklab Foundation in its quest to support start-ups is set to launch a nine week modular programme dubbed Hacklab Startup Mentorship Programme.

The programme according to Mr. Foster Awintiti, President of the Foundation, has been designed to support startups from Idea Validation to Go-To-Market.

It has been built based on the company’s principle to be accessible to all, so long as they meet a set criteria which will be announced during the launch.

The President further revealed that the program will be virtual and as such rules out geographical limitations.

He indicated that the programme will support community members to harness and grow the business ideas that emerged from their hackathons, bootcamps, and workshops.

Mr. Awintiti also mentioned that his outfit is working hand in hand with Certified Ghana, one of Ghana’s best IT Certifications School to run an IT Career Guidance Program.

The program according to him, will allow interested persons gain IT Certifications at very subsidized rates.

Some certificates that participants are like to acquire include Microsoft Professional Certifications, Cisco Certifications, CompTIA+, etc.

“It’s a value add to have these skills and certifications aside having a computer science or engineering degree. And this is how you can quickly beat people to gain employment,” he said in an interview with TechVoiceAfrica.

Hacklab currently has a growing community of about 1000 individuals and a well established relationship with over 14 tertiary institutions.

It’s 2018 hackathon marked one of the largest physical hackathon in Ghana, with limitation to resources.

The company as a result is calling on Angel Investors, Impact Investors and Business Development Expert organizations to support this cause to help harness talents in creating more jobs and sustainable businesses.