Youtuber JerryRigEverything has indicated that Tapplock, World’s first smart fingerprint padlock, due some identified faults is now easily accessible to hackers.

According to him, it took some researchers investigating the issue just 45minutes to find a way to unlock the device.

He revealed that, the back of the padlock could easily be removed to let attackers unlock the device.

However this weakness was traced to faulty manufacturing and a subsequent test showed other locks were safe from this type of attack.

When contacted, Tapplock said they were aware of the flaw.

The company has therefore been given some time to correct the problem.

According to Mr. Tierney a security expert from Pen Test Partners (PTP), “you can just walk up to any tapplock and unlock it in less than two seconds.

“It requires no skill or knowledge to do this,” he said.

He mentioned that, the unlock key for the device is easily discovered because it is generated from a Bluetooth low energy ID.

“Anyone with a smartphone would be able to pick up this key if they scanned for Bluetooth devices when close to a Tapplock,” he said.

He therefore urged the smart lock firm to caution customers and come out with effective measures to solve it.

Report by: Priscilla Aikins