Yesterday, September 12 marked the birth of a maiden food app dubbed Homechow.

The app which seeks to connect customers to vendors in the bid to speed up delivery services also aims to give users access to decent meals at affordable prices. 

The app allows users to place an order for food and have it delivered to them.

Users can also opt to pick it up at any Homechow depot in Accra.

However, after ordering, the user can see which vendor is closest to him and how long delivery will take.

Users can also postpone delivery of their meals until a time more appropriate and suitable.

The app’s menu features a variety of local and continental dishes, for lunch and supper, each priced at ₵5 and ₵10.

According to the company, the delivery fee, depending on time, will be either ₵2 or ₵3.

The app also serves vendors who seek to carry and sell Homechow’s meals.

It features segments where vendors can place orders in bulk, view hotspots for sales and even see their earnings.

With the unique set up of vendors and depots in various areas in Accra, Homechow promises delivery in timely fashion.

Payment for both users and vendors is handled within the app.

It supports the various mobile money options in Ghana and the user can choose to pay cash on delivery of the food.

The app’s interface is simple and easy to use. 

To login all you need is a mobile number and password combination. 

Currently, Homechow operates in a few selected areas in Accra, with hopes of expanding even further.

The app is available for download on Android and iOS devices.