With technology fusing into our lives, having an online presence has been listed as one of the important factors critical to the success of businesses.

Small businesses that make use of websites, capture customers’ interest in their products or services which help increase sales while expanding their reach.

A landing page is a section of a website that users ‘land’ on. It is typically a single page on a website that’s been designed for a specific purpose such as a product overview, demo or sales pitch.

Landing pages are meant to engage visitor in a particular way as it leads them to complete an action, based on their level of satisfaction.

A well-structured landing page, be it for lead generation or sales, can be beneficial to small businesses. This is because whether you have an online presence or not, customers these days visit the internet in search of the product they need before they make the purchase.

Hence, every business with a well structured landing page stand the chance of increasing it’s number of customers.

They also focus on targeted audience and provide visitors with easy, direct access to products and services they are interested in whiles keeping visitors engaged with the offer. This encourages them to perform a desired action and in the long run, helps boost sales.

Research has shown that small businesses that make use of landing pages generate ten times more leads than those that don’t make use of landing pages to promote their products or services.

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