Huawei has donated two fully installed ultramodern Video Conference Facility to Ghana’s Ministry of Health to aid them in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. The gesture is part of a series of donations being undertaken by Huawei to support affected countries as part of the Company’s corporate social responsibility in these critical times.

“As a localized company operating in Ghana for over 19 years, we feel it is our obligation as a part of Ghana and as a party of concern to support Ghana Government in protecting the lives and health of the citizenry. In this fight, ICT remains a powerful tool, and that is where our strengths lay.” Said Tommy Zhouwei, Managing Director at Huawei Ghana.

“Through our donation of our ultramodern Video Conferencing facility, we hope that the Ministry of Health and Ghana Health Service, can communicate with colleagues from other jurisdictions and even locally to share ideas and support each other in putting an end to this critical situation.” He added.

Receiving the donation on behalf of the Ministry of Health, the sector Minister, Hon. Kwaku Agyeman Manu lauded Huawei for the gesture he said “Ghana is very grateful for the donation from Huawei and as sector minister, I thank Huawei on behalf of Government of Ghana.”

Speaking on the significance of the donation, Hon. Agyeman Manu noted that, the Video Conference facility will enable the ministry and other key institutions network while allowing them to talk to people remotely without physical gatherings.

He said,”We can now talk to places like Ga East where some of the patients are and places like Korle-Bu and Kumasi without anybody visiting a great way to effectively practice social distancing”.

The Chinese Ambassador to Ghana, H.E. Mr. Shi Ting Wang, during his remarks spoke highly of Ghana’s efforts to flatten the epidemic and highly commended Huawei Ghana for its strong sense of social responsibility. He said that the donated facilities, to the Ministry of Health and the Greater Accra Regional Hospital, are of great importance at this critical time. Because they will not only help to reduce physical contacts between the Ministry and hospital, but also connecting the Ghanaian authorities and medical workers with those in China and the rest of the world.

One of the two donated Video Conference facilities would be stationed at the Ministry of Health while the other would be at the Greater Accra Regional Hospital. The Video Conference facilities will aid real-time monitoring of the situation while ensuring rapid dissemination of information, ideas and help. The facility would also make possible remote meetings between the Ministry and other institutions from across the globe. Remote meetings are also essential in ensuring social distancing a major practice in controlling the spread of the highly contagious COVID-19 disease.

During the event all parties present advised the general public to adhere to all measures put in place by government to control the spread of the disease while admonishing everyone to “Stay at Home” and practice enhanced personal hygiene and “Social Distancing”.