There are a number of models available on the market today. The popular HUAWEI Y series is one of the most desirable choices, offering flexibility with long lasting performance and powerful camera setups. So, what’s the good news? The HUAWEI Y Series family will soon welcome a new member, the HUAWEI Y7a. Bringing with it super-fast charging capabilities, a large battery and even a powerful camera setup, this new model will significantly enhance user experience.

Coming with SuperCharge and large battery
Extended use brings more demanding battery life requirements. However, the HUAWEI Y7a, featuring super-fast charging and a high-capacity battery, will be a blessing to all those suffering from “battery anxiety” who worry about conserving their battery.

Upgraded Camera
Photography is one of Huawei’s most well-known and long-standing strengths, so it is no surprise that, the Y Series has never cut corners when it comes to its camera. Judging by the recently released HUAWEI Y9a, the Y7a is expected to inherit many of the clever camera tricks from Huawei’s mid- to high-end models which is sure to help it make a big splash in terms of its photographic capabilities.

Bigger Display

Looking at the details in Huawei’s announcement, the Y7a maintains the Y Series design philosophy, coming equipped with a large screen, long battery life and a powerful camera system. The screen has always been one of the key selling points of the Y Series, with a larger display offering a better viewing experience.

Large Storage

Although Huawei’s latest announcement does not reveal the phone’s exact storage specification, it is believed that the Y7a will improve on this, probably with storage of up to 128 GB. This presents the exciting prospect of saving money on additional external memory cards. Not only that, but doubling the memory means you can satisfy the storage requirements of more photos, videos and games without the hassle of first having to delete enough files to make space.

According to reliable sources, the HUAWEI Y7a will be officially launched on 29th January 2021 and will be available for pre-order from 5th February 2021. If you’re looking for a phone with both quality and performance, don’t miss the Huawei Y7A