The way users enjoy TV and Film is changing, with the amount of time we spend watching traditional TV sets falling dramatically. Instead, busy users are relying on their tablets to be able to easily keep up with their favourite shows, wherever they are. However, just because they are using a tablet, should not mean they have to compromise on a beautiful cinematic experience. For only GHS 939 for 16gb and GHS 1,075 for 32gb, you can get your hands on this ultimate entertainment machine, meaning you never have to miss out on the latest show everyone is buzzing about.

When watching a film on a tablet, users want a screen that is big enough for them to feel immersed in what they are watching. That is why when designing the HUAWEI MatePad T 10, Huawei implemented an impressive 80.6% screen-to-body ratio and a display ratio of 16:10, complemented with a high-resolution of 1920 x 1200, ensuring that you do not miss scenic details in picturesque moments. The gorgeous display with minimal bezels makes watching HD videos in landscape mode an outstanding, uninterrupted visual experience.

As well as a fantastic display, to be able to enjoy content wherever suits, the audio quality of the tablet needs to be just as impressive. The HUAWEI MatePad T 10 does not disappoint, equipped with a Harman Kardon certified dual-speaker 2.2cc large sound cavity audio system located symmetrically on the sides of the screen. The impressive speakers have been redesigned to allow a longer stroke path than traditional tablet audio systems, allowing the tablet to achieve a higher audio volume with low distortion. For users who like to customise the audio experience according to what type of film they are watching, HUAWEI Histen 6.1 enables the support of 9.1-channel 3D surround sound with options to configure to their preferences. Furthermore, Bass Booster offers smart optimisation that enhances the bass in relation the intensity of the bass frequencies. Why not crank the bass up for maximum suspense when watching a scary movie?

Furthermore, Huawei implements its market-leading HUAWEI ClariVu Display Enhancement technology to ensure consumers can enjoy films and TV without straining their eyes. Depending on what is displayed on the tablet, the algorithms will flexibly adjust contrast, sharpness and colour saturation to improve the overall viewing experience. It can even adjust the screen depending on the ambient environment you are using the tablet in.

Overall usability is further enhanced with the help of EMUI 10.1, which brings user-centric features like HUAWEI App Multiplier, which allows users to run two instances of the same app together. This is perfect for users who want to attend online classes and do research at the same time, or even those who want to separate instances of the web browser together.

In order for users to enjoy endless entertainment on the go, the HUAWEI MatePad T 10 comes with ample storage space for users to download their favourite shows before they head out. It also has a Micro SD card slot for up to 512GB expandable storage, meaning users do not have to fear about running out of space when downloading the next show/movie. With an outstanding display and ultra-realistic audio, the HUAWEI MatePad T 10 allows you to indulge in a cinema like viewing experience, on the move, wherever suits you. Priced at only GHS 939 for 16gb and GHS 1,075 for 32gb, the tablet can provide entertainment for you