Taking pictures with smartphones is becoming more popular, as good photos that fully capture the precious memories in vivid splendor and sharpness seem like a must-have for one’s social profile and diary.

The recently released HUAWEI nova 7i has opened new doors for the social media-savvy, by coming equipped with cutting-edge 48MP Quad AI camera, all-powerful Kirin 810 chipset and state-of-the-art AI algorithms, for unrivaled portrait and scenery shooting. Images in the phone’s photo gallery can be instantly shared to any social media app which can be easily downloaded from AppGallery, Huawei’s self-developed app platform, or the third-party app store.

The AI-enhanced 48MP quad-camera at the rear is first-rate, fit for any of one’s creation urges anytime, anywhere, be it a wide-angle, close-up or portrait shot.

The 48MP main sensor delivers ultra-sharp images, night or day. In case you don’t like the overall image composition, feel free to cut out a portion of it for final use, because zoomed-in details stay just as sharp. The 120° ultra-wide angle camera includes a broader field of view in the frame, ideal for shooting magnificent architecture and skyscrapers, as well as huge-party group photos.

AI has been deployed to fashion a special algorithm that effectively reduces the all-too-common distortion in wide-angle photography. There’s also a dedicated depth sensor that is indispensable for professional-level portrait shooting. It blurs out even the most complex background in a precise yet natural manner, directing the viewer’s attention to the wonderful you, or whoever the subject is.

Over the past four years, the AI algorithm for Super night mode has been continually enhanced, and now comes available on the front camera, furnishing the same stunning effects previously generated by multiple lenses, on just a single camera! This development has brought about enormous implications, allowing for perfect selfie shooting at all hours.

The HUAWEI nova 7i’s 16MP front camera is capable of achieving 2μm-equivalent photosensitivity via a proprietary pixel fusion technology, which merges each set of four (2×2) adjacent pixels to form giant ones. As a result, the Super night selfie mode, automatically activated when lowlight surroundings are detected, intelligently optimizes both the neon-lit background and the subject, with details fully retained and colors brilliantly rendered. While over-exposed neon lights are a normal in most of the night photos, this is not an issue at all with the HUAWEI nova 7i.

In addition to having inspired a quantum leap in portrait technology, the new Huawei Nova 7i also features a trendy exterior design, with a gradient-color battery cover whose upper left corner incorporates the iconic Huawei “matrix camera” array. So, if you’re looking to upgrade your phone, and fancy some distinctiveness, you can check out Nova 7i.