Huawei and Norway’s Broadnet have signed an SD-WAN commercial deployment framework contract at CEBIT 2018.

With Huawei’s innovative SD-WAN solution, Broadnet can provide private line offerings with higher quality and better user experience for European enterprise customers.

Broadnet is a leading fiber-based data communications service provider in Norway that provides broadband services for more than 90 cities across the country.

It is also Norway’s second largest B2B data communications service provider, delivering an extensive range of enterprise data communications services, such as fiber-based VPN, Internet, and Ethernet.

Benefiting from Huawei’s SD-WAN solution, Broadnet is able to quickly provide enterprise customers with on-demand and cost-effective enterprise private line services with cloud-based, visualized Operations and Maintenance (O&M).

With Huawei’s complete series of high-performance Customer Premises Equipment (CPEs), Broadnet can provide WAN connections for enterprises of all sizes and with different networking requirements, quickly respond to customer needs, and shorten the Time-to-Market (TTM) of new services.

Huawei’s SD-WAN solution also supports intelligent traffic steering and application acceleration based on precise application identification, thus achieving lossless experience of critical services.

With these key features, Broadnet can provide differentiated application Service Level Agreement (SLA) assurance to enhance the competitiveness of private line services.

In addition, by leveraging Huawei’s SD-WAN solution that uses an open architecture and is backed by a powerful partnership ecosystem, Broadnet is able to quickly provide various on-demand Value-Added Services (VASs) for enterprise customers.

With the Huawei’s SD-WAN solution, Broadnet will be prepared for the future.

According to Martin Lippert, CEO of Broadnet, “With Huawei’s leading SD-WAN solution, Broadnet will have significant advantages in the Norwegian datacom service market, especially regarding flexibility and timeliness of user service provisioning.

“Through the excellent management team and effective market expansion tactics of Broadnet, we are confident that Broadnet will gain a larger share in Norway’s enterprise business market and even the Nordic market, while providing private line services with higher quality for enterprise users,” he said.

By: Stephanie Horsu/