Huawei has unveiled the new HUAWEI Band 4, an all-round health and fitness monitor that merges aesthetic and ergonomic design to deliver a lightweight and easy-to-use device, which promotes healthy exercise habits. Combining sleek minimal styling and easy display customization, with sophisticated monitoring and wide-ranging exercise mode compatibility, the HUAWEI Band 4 puts the user experience at the heart of fitness technology.

Consumers are more interested than ever in active health and fitness management, looking for devices that can provide a sophisticated level of biological monitoring. From heart rate to oxygen saturation, understanding and tracking a variety of metrics has become part of the typical exercise regime.

However, users are also looking for long-lasting devices that are simple to use, comfortable to wear and match their style. The HUAWEI Band 4 strikes this balance elegantly, providing detailed biometric feedback from its unique, slender strap design. Furthermore, HUAWEI Band 4 boasts an impressive battery life of up to nine days and benefits from Huawei’s simple USB plug and charge technology, allowing users to plug the watch straight into a USB port – no cables needed.

Exquisite ID Design: Improved Display Effect and Simpler Charging
Benefitting from a unique approach to aesthetic design, the HUAWEI Band 4 integrates a large, immersive watch face into a sleek wrist band that is perfectly engineered for the fashion-conscious consumer that is concerned with usability and comfortable wearing. With convenience at its heart, the HUAWEI Band 4 sports a detachable body with a built-in USB interface, creating a simple charging solution.

The fitness monitor’s 0.96’’ display delivers an engaging visual experience with improved chroma, detailed contrast, as well as a crisper and clearer colored display. Ensuring the very best user experience, the display can house up to 35 characters at once with new color UI icons.
The band also inherits the “All-touch + Home” design that ensures accurate touch screen responsiveness under all scenarios, thanks to its dual-layer architecture and sophisticated touch control. Furthermore, the band features support for up-down sliding and any point touch, offering easier and smoother touch control.

Highly customizable, HUAWEI Band 4 is enriched with diverse new colorful watch faces, available from HUAWE Watch Face Store, for users to wear in different occasions. In addition, third-party designed watch faces will also be launched. The band is available in three distinct colors, with an option to suit every taste: Sakura Pink, Amber Sunrise and Graphite Black.

All-round Fitness Monitoring Assistant: Oxygen Saturation, Heart Rate and Sleep Monitoring
HUAWEI Band 4 helps users to monitor their physical condition all day round, thanks to scientific heart rate, oxygen saturation and sleep monitoring capabilities, allowing users to discover more about their own lifestyle.

HUAWEI TruSeenTM 3.5 heart rate monitoring technology combines a series of highly accurate sensors with intelligently engineered software to provide detailed heart rate monitoring. HUAWEI TruSeenTM 3.5 implements a heart rate algorithm that collects massive heart rate data and accounts for different biological factors of the user, such as ethnicity, BMI and age. It also benefits from Huawei’s denoising algorithm, allowing it to effectively avoid interference in running, walking, cycling and other activities that cannot be avoided by other bands. This is results in the delivery of class leading accuracy of exercise heart rate data.

Nine Great Exercise Modes and Useful Features
The band supports nine different training modes, including: running, walking and cycling (both indoor and outdoor), elliptical machine training, rowing machine and free training, satisfying all the demands for daily exercise, especially those commonly found in the typical gym environment. With exercise mode activated, users easily record and synchronize your data to their phone for viewing and sharing, generating bespoke data that is customized to improving performance in specific types of exercise.

More than just a fitness monitor, the band also features smart identification of cold calls, phone finder functionality, remote shutter capabilities, a smart clock, and sedentary reminder alarms to ensure users stay active. The HUAWEI Band 4 is waterproof to 50m.