Huawei was named ‘Best Solution Provider’

Huawei’s Dealer Agent Cloud has been named ‘Best Solution Provider’ at the MVNOs World Congress 2018 in Madrid.

The ‘Best Solution Provider Award’ is given to companies that have worked with both mobile network operators (MNOs) and mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) in order to support MVNO services. Winning this award indicates the industry’s recognition of Huawei’s Dealer Agent Cloud’s business value especially on the improvement of end-user experience, operation efficiency as well as revenue growth.

With the development of digitization, MVNOs and other operators are facing a series of challenges including high customer churn, high IT investment and low productivity. Huawei’s Dealer Agent Cloud, is aiming to provide a digital service subscription platform for MVNOs and other operators that will enable them to realize faster business development.

The Award winning Solution

Huawei’s Dealer Agent Cloud supports service subscription of prepaid and postpaid registration, top-up and recharge facilities, balance enquiries, plan switch, SIM switch, DIY packages, and transactional tracking. It also enables MVNOs, other operators, and their dealer agents to provide services more efficiently. These include:

A Better Experience: For MVNOs and dealer agents, it provides the auto-reading of IDs and passports, and the auto population of data to reduce manual processing steps and provide a friendlier user experience. A simplified process also significantly shortens the waiting time by up to 90%, which improves the customer experience.

Simplified Regulatory Compliance: KYC through OCR and auto population of data, perfectly deals with secure regulatory (i.e. real-name certification, and it also makes registration much faster and easier).

Higher Productivity: A unified dealer portal eliminates the need to switch between different systems. It also provides a digital signature, the auto-reading of IDs and passports through OCR and the auto population of data enabling a ‘Pop-up’ MVNOs’ services model, making sales directly to the right location and at the right time to maximize sales productivity.

Lower Investment: With Huawei Dealer Application, an MVNOs salesforce can leverage standard OEM smart phones or tablets rather than laptops or PC’s in the office to deliver better services.