Zhao Yue (Right), Vice President of Huawei Cloud Communication Product Line, Receiving Awards

At the 2018 IMS World Forum, Huawei won the Best 5G Real-time Communication Evolution Strategy and the Best IMS Solution awards.

The IMS World Forum is the only industry event dedicated to IMS technologies, innovation, evolution, and ecology.  The three awards are a recognition of Huawei’s solutions in technological innovation, evolution strategy, practical application, and contribution to the industry.

Huawei Vo5G solution: Best 5G Real-Time Communication Evolution Strategy

The Huawei Vo5G solution aims to smoothly evolve real-time audio and video communication from 4G to 5G, improve individual communication experience, and meet industry communication requirements in an agile manner. Huawei has made great contributions to promoting the commercial use of 5G real-time communication.

Huawei proposed the ideas of network architecture evolution for real-time communication in the 5G era and demonstrated the prototype, promoted 5G real-time communication industry development and standards implementation, and released Road to 5G: Introduction and Migration together with GSMA.

Huawei IMS solution: Best IMS Solution

The Huawei IMS solution supports unified access of all networks, broadband and narrowband, fixed and mobile, to the IMS, helping carriers build an integrated network (Single Voice Core) to provide IP-based multimedia services.

Based on its Cloud Native concept, Huawei builds a flexible, robust, efficient, and agile cloud-based network architecture; provides the most comprehensive service portfolio for the B2C, B2B, and B2B2C markets; and takes the lead in supporting Vo5G evolution to provide agile and intelligent network infrastructure for diversified industry applications in the 5G era.

“We really appreciate the industry recognition of Huawei Vo5G and IMS solutions. For many years we’ve been committed to making the evolution, from 7 billion people-to-people voice connections to 20 billion people-to-people, and people-to-things real-time voice connections, a reality.

We will continue to put forth our utmost efforts in business innovation, technical architecture, and evolution strategies, constantly creating business value for our customers.” said Zhao Yue, Vice President of Huawei Cloud Communication Product Line.

Huawei has been awarded more than 380 IMS commercial contracts around the globe, including 145 VoLTE networks, providing HD audio and video communication services for more than 200 million subscribers.

Huawei worked with China Mobile to build the world’s largest VoLTE network, and helped Swiss carrier Sunrise build their top-quality VoLTE networks, which outperformed competitors from more than 70 countries in P3 network tests.