Are you looking for a brand new smartphone, but confused by the plethora of devices to choose from? Well, if you need a smartphone that packs premium features, powerful hardware and stunning designs at an affordable price, then this new HUAWEI Y Series is the perfect choice.

Seasons come and seasons go and one must capture the flowing of time to observe the beauty of these dynamic changes. This is a design concept that Huawei has applied to its flagship smartphones. On this new device, Huawei continues the concept of time aesthetics reflecting how salt flats change as time goes by. Two stylish colours, Breathing Crystal and Midnight Black symbolize the salt flats’ beauty in the day and night.

Under a blue sky and white clouds, mineral crystals in a salt lake blend with the water. The flat water surface reflects the beauty of the sky, Huawei captures such dreamy magical effects and engraves them on the back of a smartphone. Thanks to the nano-texture process (Breathing Crystal only), the colour of the back panel changes with light.

When the night comes, over the lake the sky is still, deep and extremely dark, completely different from how it looks like in daytime. The lake mingles with the dark at midnight, creating an obscure and mysterious mood. Naturally, Midnight Black becomes a timeless and classic colour that people love.

The mirror effects of the relaxing Breathing Crystal and calm Midnight Black cannot be made without the glass body. In order to have a shiny and transparent finish, this new HUAWEI Y Series is crafted by glass processing techniques and polished layer upon layer, to create a gorgeous glass texture. The Midnight Black is manufactured with a 15-layer glass process, while the Breathing Crystal variant is even more complicated, polished with a 21-layer glass process.

The glass back panel smoothly connects with the middle frames from both sides, forming a rounded and gentle body. In addition, the 3D Arc designed middle frames create a natural and seamless transition from the back to the front, which gives users a comfortable grip and makes the 6.59-inch device feel more compact and handy like a 5.5-inch phone.