Capturing high quality photos has not always been an easy task for budget friendly smartphones; especially when it comes to low-light settings or wide-angle shots, all where you’d need powerful camera hardware and algorithms that is more common on flagship models.

Huawei knows this pain point for its consumers and has been adding premium level features to its Y series. The newly released HUAWEI Y7a is the latest example to this trend which not only comes with a powerful 48MP Quad camera system, but also HUAWEI SuperCharge for its large battery!

Thanks to these features, you can take some poster level shots at the touch of a button, without having to worry about running out of charge or even long recharge times, potentially making it one of the best camera smartphones you can get your hands on.

Speaking of charging and battery power, the HUAWEI Y7a comes with a 22.5W HUAWEI SuperCharge, which means no time is wasted in waiting for the phone to charge up. Simply plug it in and in just 10 minutes of charging, it can work for an incredible two hours of uninterrupted video viewing. The large 5000 mAh battery also contributes to this. Offering long-lasting battery life, coupled with Huawei’s AI power saving technology for uninterrupted photography, entertainment and productivity.

Let’s take a look at what we have to work with. Huawei has built into its new Y7a a powerful 48MP Quad Camera setup, which houses a 48MP main camera, 8MP Ultra Wide Angle Camera, 2MP Macro Lens and a 2MP Depth camera for rich bokeh effects in portrait shots.

Capture high-definition photos with the Main Camera
Thanks to its 48MP main camera, the HUAWEI Y7a comes with a high-resolution mode which can directly output 48MP high resolution photos that can be printed into a full size poster with all the details still clear when enlarged.

In addition to this the HUAWEI Y7a can actively recognize dynamic objects and adaptively adjust its shutter speed, so that you won’t miss the moment you want to capture. You can take photos anytime and anywhere and share them on social media platforms for the world to see.

Capture clear photos even at night
In night mode, the HUAWEI Y7a uses the 48MP main camera with AI algorithms and achieves multi-frame noise reduction to effectively increase brightness of the image in low light environments while adjusting brightness for overly lit parts, further improving on the clarity of the shot. Additionally, the HUAWEI Y7a supports up to 6-second handheld exposures, which increases the dynamic range of night scene photos and improves the brightness in dark environments.

Wide angle and macro lens for you to capture in different ways
Be it for a group shot or even a stunning shot of the city skyline, having a wide-angle lens certainly comes in handy especially when you can’t seem to fit everyone into a photo. Keeping this in mind, the HUAWEI Y7a comes with an 8MP 120° Ultra-Wide Angle lens which gives a wider field of view.
On the other hand, the 2MP Macro lens can achieve 4cm close-up shooting to produce a clear image even when captured up close.

Take beautiful photo with Portrait Mode
The 2MP Depth camera comes into play when you want to take stunning portrait shots with the HUAWEI Y7a. When Portrait Mode is turned on, the 2MP Depth camera blurs out the backgrounds and keeps only the subject in focus, allowing for rich bokeh effects. At the same time, it will also beautify the skin without losing details and use portrait algorithms to make your picture stand out.

Smart Collage makes photo sharing a breeze
The HUAWEI Y7a is equipped with EMUI 10.1 that has a Smart Collage feature. What this does is that it automatically gives you collage templates according to the number of photos you’ve selected, which rids the trouble of having to download a third-party app to edit your photos. When you bring photos together with the same theme and colour tones, the result will certainly stand out visually.

HUAWEI Y7a’s EMUI 10.1 also supports features such as knuckle screenshots which work for a full screen capture, partial screen capture, scrolling screenshots for longer images, and screen recording. Smart gallery can classify photos according to portraits, locations, scenery, etc. for easy viewing.

Downloading apps is easy with AppGallery
After taking beautiful photos and editing it to your desire, the first thing you would want to do is to upload it onto social apps to share it with friends. Thanks to HUAWEI AppGallery you can download a wide range of global and local apps ranging from social media platforms, games and many more. Meanwhile, Petal Search delivers a flexible search experience for Huawei smartphone users. Besides for news, images and other content, Petal Search lists apps from multiple sources acting as a gateway for over a million apps, enabling users’ download and manage their apps easily.

Photography is just one of HUAWEI Y7a’s highlights. The HUAWEI Y7a is also equipped with a 6.67-inch large FHD+ display, a 128GB of memory for all your photo and video needs with 4GB of RAM to make sure everything runs smoothly, and three colourways: Crush Green, Blush Gold and Midnight Black, all for a price that starts at GHS1,119. As one of the budget friendly camera phones in 2021, HUAWEI Y7a is definitely worth a buy.