IBM and Delta3 International, a cybersecurity firm, are collaborating for the imminent Information Security (InfoSec) and IT Leaders Conference.

The conference themed “Mitigating Cyber Risks through Effective Leadership” aims to make information security a key business enabler and also to share new knowledge in information technology and information security.

“We are pleased to announce our partnership with IBM for the forthcoming first Africa I.T InfoSec Leaders Conference. With IBM’s partnership, conference attendees or delegates will learn about the IBM Commercial Cyber Aptitude Test (CCAT) product, ” a statement from Delta3 International said.

The conference will have breakout sessions on different issues and these groups will be focusing on how to move organizations forward so that more and more organizations will take cybersecurity seriously, take customer data seriously and understand the challenges coming down when it comes cybersecurity.

The topics that will be deliberated include Anatomy of Cyber Attack; Africa Cyber Security Landscape and Threat Trends 2019; Mitigating Cyber Threats Through Effective Leadership and BCP; Digital Transformation: From AI & IOT to CLOUD & Blockchain; Mitigating Cyber Threats Through Business Continuity Planning; HR Leadership – The Role of HR Mitigating Cyber Security Threats from within; and Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC)

What is it and what should it be?
Delegates for the event will come from Ghana, Liberia, Nigeria, UK, US, South Africa and other countries across the globe.

Speakers include Dr. Adrian Venables from UK Defense Cyber School, Dele Aden from Delta3 International, D. Nalon Kaine from Ministry of Post and Telecom in Liberia, and Anita Wiafe-Asinor, HR Consultant & Managing Partner, OML Africa.

The conference takes off on March 28 at the Marriot Hotel, Accra.