The First Lady of the Republic of Ghana, Mrs. Rebecca Akuffo-Addo has stated that the recognition of Information Communication Technological (ICT) in Ghana and the world at large can improve the economic outlook of women.

She also mentioned that it can also help address gender gap in IT.

She explained that, the emerging digital economy will offer developing countries like Ghana the opportunity to take a quantum leap in development.

This she said will transform Ghana into a high- value-added, information and knowledge based economy.

She made these statements, during the launch of the Girls Can Code project at the Kofi Annan Center of Excellence in ICT in Accra.

She however, expressed how exhilarated she has been about the project since she heard of it.

According to her, the Girls Can Code Project is a project that will offer young girls in Ghana the opportunity to actively participate in coding.

She mentioned that just as education is seen as the positive enabler in the reduction of poverty and inequalities in society ICT needs to be incorporated in it.

She hinted that, the more women get to understand the value of the internet and ICT in terms of sustainable livelihoods, the more opportunities they get to improve their quality of life.

This she said will make them productive members of society.

“As women we need to understand that , the internet is a resource for empowerment, for restoration, for self development and for aiming ones self in the knowledge economy,” she said.

She also entreated young ladies to use technology wisely as it has with its own negative aspects.