Innovate Ghana successfully celebrated its 5th anniversary at the International House Auditorium, Legon on Saturday, with participants showcasing innovative products to help solve societal problems.

The event which challenged high school and tertiary students to develop solutions to local problems using STEM commenced at 4pm.

It brought together judges in the likes of Adelaide Asante, Director, STI, Ministry of Environment, Science, Technology and Innovation, Ato Ulzen-Appiah, Founder, GhanaThink Foundation, Emily Sheldon, Director of Health Innovation, Impact Hub Accra, Jorge Appiah, Co-founder & CEO, Kumasi Hive and many more.

Some innovations showcased at the event include an online platform for artists and creatives to sell their arts, a desalination system for rural applications, neem skin care products to help prevent malaria, and a low cost energy generator for household use.

It also showcased products like the bamboo walking aid for children, fruit and vegetable storage device to prevent post harvest losses and many more.

However, after the event which spanned for almost fives hours, AyaNeem (Neem skin care products for malaria prevention), Octa Walker (Bamboo walking aid for children with cerebral palsy) and HydroNova
(Desalination system for rural applications) took the first, second, and third places respectively for high school participants.

Similarly, Nastech which produces low cost energy generator for household use, Greepec Egg, and RAB, a company which produces fruit and vegetable storage device to prevent post harvest losses also took the first, second and third positions respectively for the tertiary participants.

AyaNeem and Nastech took home Ghc1000 each for emerging the ultimate winners with RAB, Greenpec Egg, Octa Walker, and HydroNova receiving other awards for taking the second and third position.

Aimed at developing the next
generation of scientists and inventors, the competition also introduced students to the concept of community service and entrepreneurship.

It also aims at imbuing in participants a mindset that seeks to initiate changes to societal problems.