Intel has recently announced it’s own set of smart glasses that could change the world by bringing the internet closer to us.

Although many companies tried developing similar set of glasses, majority are said to have failed.

According to The Verge, Intel’s Smart Glasses “the Vaunt” doesn’t have a camera, speakers, microphones, buttons, or an LCD screen.

It has it’s electronics confined to a small area right above the ear.

It responds to commands given via head nods.

The glasses are flexible and feather-light, weighing in at just 50 grams.

The smart glasses may not weigh much, although it is not light on tech.

The Vaunt is packed with a processor, accelerometer, Bluetooth, and a compass.

It also has a laser that projects a tiny image directly onto the corner of your retina.

The image acts as a screen, presenting notifications from your phone, showing you walking directions, or reminding you to call your mother on her birthday.

It is also, has so low-power that it is at the very bottom end of a class one laser.

According to standards set by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, it is 100 percent safe to stare into this kind of laser for extended periods of time.

Although the company has not yet set a release date , nor a price Intel said it’s more likely to partner with other companies to do the actual marketing and selling, rather than trying to shill the glasses itself.