The ‘Find My Friends’ iPhone app, has assisted a man to locate his missing girlfriend only to find out that she had been shot dead.

The relatives of the victim is said to have reported her missing on Tuesday.

However, the 24-year-old partner, with the aid of the app which uses GPS was able to pinpoint the area, where some of her clothes were also found.

He thus reported to the police on Martin Luther King Jr. Drive after which, the police were able to discover her body on a woodland trail with the aid of their dogs.

According to the police, their dogs were able to locate the body at 2.40am about 500 yards away.

A report by Daily Mail UK, also stated that the victim Lanecia Nelson was found dead near a charter school in southwest Atlanta, Georgia, in the early hours of Wednesday.

Her death has since been ruled as a homicide after the Fulton County Medical Examiner’s office said she was shot in the head.

Authorities say the ‘boyfriend’ cooperated with police and as such was not considered a suspect.

Officer Donald Hannah told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution that their homicide unit is working to gather and explore all possible leads.

Police Lt. Carven Tyus also said the police will be reaching out to family members, to ascertain where exactly the victim was, who she was last seen with, and then seek help from the public in identifying what happened here.