In a bid to empower African Entrepreneurs by enabling them grow their businesses globally through the internet, Jectre has launched the 1000 StartUps Campaign.

The 1000 StartUps Campaign is an initiative that offers start ups the opportunity to increase their online presence by signing up at for a free business landing page that can be converted to a full website anytime they choose.

As part of the package, a centralised online business directory will be created where all businesses will be listed and this will increase the exposure of these StartUps and businesses.

It will also make it easy for people to search and locate those businesses and startups near them.

However, the offer is available for only 1000 startups.

To be on the 1000 list, interested parties can sign up at , visit or call +233263923474, +233504986600 for further enquiries.

Jectre is a Digital Strategy Company and a Tech Startup made up of a team of young, enthusiastic artists, innovators and builders.

The company seeks to help businesses and entrepreneurs paint a picture of their organization through their marketing, branding and web design services.

By: StephanieHorsu/