Machine Intelligence Institute of Africa (MIIA) has appointed the Nigerian Visionary and thought leader, John Kamara, as a Director of the Institute.

The appointment of John Kamara is expected to help promote the value of Machine Learning and Data Science application in Africa. With vast experience in multiple sectors, he’s dubbed an expert in various technological arenas, including e-commerce, internet solutions, digital applications, and financial payment solutions.

He will share his, 20 years leadership experience and invaluable knowledge on technologies, as well as market entry and start-up growth strategies – having worked with and within multiple companies and industries, including technology and gaming start-ups in Europe, Asia, the Caribbean, and Africa.

The Founder of MIIA, Dr Jacques Ludik, Founder and President of MIIA expressed joy for John Kamara’s appointment and said he hopes to see more change in the sector.

“We are very pleased to have Mr Kamara join the MIIA team at this critical time in the rise and global awareness of the tech ecosystem in Africa. There’s still so much work to be done, especially in the Data Science space – from education and institutionalization, to the creation of leverage platforms within the AI value chain. Mr Kamara will serve as an invaluable addition given his track record, global experience, and networks” he said.

Dr Ludik also announced that an enriching and collaborative dialogue within the Artificial Intelligence Network of Excellence, is currently taking place to help build a solid foundation for the research and innovation agenda in Africa.

He further mentioned that, any progress with regards to the agenda will depend on the collective wisdom and action of multiple stakeholders within the AI arena.

“Africa can truly benefit from leveraging cutting-edge Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies and connecting with like-minded individuals and entities along the way.” he said.

The Director of MIIA and CMO for Cortex Group, Dr Nick Bradshaw said there is a need to bridge the gap in the African Al Ecosystem to promote growth. He said this can be done by creating sustainable relationships between industry players.

According to MIIA it is not only onboarding industry experts to drive their global vision, but have also recently launched a platform ( to help review Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning resources, people and projects in Africa.

MIIA is currently on an active and dedicated drive to access funding to propel its mission and projects in support of Africa’s sustainable development goals and to help create the needed social economic impact on the continent.