Jumia Ghana, as part of its annual give-away to reach out to its customers, has given customers the opportunity to get good deals and bargain on products and services they long for.

“Black Friday”, the ultimate discount shopping day, will take place on 16th, 23rd, 30th November and 7th December on the online shopping portal.

The retailers would have the opportunity to hit the peak of their sales through the platform that would connect customers, vendors or retailers.

During this shopping season, the platform will give customers access to buy up to 50,000 items on deals with discounts up to 80% for three weeks on four Fridays.

Customers will have access to deals they would not find on regular days on the portal, making it different from their previous editions of the Black Friday.

As Jumia Ghana makes it a priority to enhance the online shopping experience, this period extends beyond Jumia E –commerce, but with other subsidiaries such as Jumia Food and Jumia travel.

Customers will get access to huge discount deals on their travel via air ticketing both domestically and internationally, as well as on the meals they order via Jumia food to enjoy huge discounts of up to 70% on hotels in Ghana, as well as cheap flight deals and packages to Dubai, South Africa and Sao Tome.

Jumia is building an African E-commerce infrastructure with online and mobile marketplaces, providing affordable and convenient services to consumers and helping them fulfill their everyday needs with their mission to transform and improve people’s lives thanks to technology.

Through its different platforms and services, namely Jumia E-Commerce, Jumia Travel, Jumia Food, Jumia House, Jumia Deals, Jumia Jobs, Jumia Pay, Jumia One and Jumia Services, Jumia is fostering the digital shift of the entire African economy.

Jumia is supporting the growth of African companies and expanding their horizons. More than 50,000 local Africans companies and individuals do business on Jumia.