The “Rescue” product, will ensure that users have access to medical assistance within 15 minutes in an emergency.

The platform is connecting users to more than 50 ambulances and up to 10 fire trucks.

Flare plans to expand the fleet and may also add private security and police.

The ambulances have their own insurance and companies are vetted for the proper registration, certification, personnel and equipment before they can join the platform..

In a time of crisis, one simply needs to call the medical dispatchers at Rescue, who will match you with an emergency response service provider based on your location.

Beyond just matching you with an ambulance, Rescue also gives you real-time traffic estimates to provide you with the fastest route to take to a hospital.

The new Rescue system allows subscribers to call one hotline during a medical emergency, from which they are instantly connected to a large network of quality providers.

The medical team is active 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and ensures help within 15 minutes.

While Rescue is only accessible to Nairobians today, Flare has plans for 2018.

They’re already expanding to the areas surrounding Nairobi, and are looking to expand to Mombasa and Kisumu and to a number of counties across the country