After a long, hectic week, there’s nothing better than kicking back and enjoying some of your favourite TV shows or movies with the whole family. All you have to do, is pick up your HUAWEI MatePad T 10s, pick your show and enjoy! With its stunning display and immersive audio capabilities, the HUAWEI MatePad T 10s is the perfect solution for some comfortable home entertainment.

The HUAWEI MatePad T 10s fits the bill just right. Featuring a 10.1-inch 16:10 Full HD display and a powerful set of Harman Kardon-certified speakers, the tablet ensures a great experience whether it’s used for consuming multimedia content or gaming.

Not only are the resolution and pixel density superb, at 1920×1200 and 224ppi respectively, enabling it to showcase all the beautiful detail of Full HD content, the colours are also incredibly vibrant with its support for 70% of the NTSC colour gamut (typical value). Additionally, HUAWEI ClariVu Display Enhancement technology gives the visuals a comprehensive uplift by dynamically optimising the display, allowing for even better colour and detail reproduction.

And because it takes more than visual to deliver a good multimedia experience, the HUAWEI MatePad Ts includes a set of dual-huge amplitude speakers. The internals of the speakers have been redesigned to allow for a longer stroke path than traditional audio systems in tablets, enabling the tablet to achieve a higher audio volume with low distortion.

HUAWEI Histen 6.1 takes the audio capabilities further, enabling the tablet to support 9.1-channel 3D surround sound. You can even configure your experience to your liking with the comprehensive options menu, and also enhance the audio with Bass Booster. Even if your children are being rowdy while you’re watching something together, you still won’t have a problem hearing from the tablet.

Don’t be surprised if your kids want in on the action and want to take the tablet to watch their shows or even sit for some online classes, especially with back to school season going on they are going to have a lot of homework to get to! One of those things while keeping your child occupied on a tablet, is the safety.

You need one that is safe for minors to use without your close supervision, and offers a good, immersive experience. Keeping this mind, the HUAWEI MatePad T 10s comes with Kids Corner, a virtual playground which you have absolute control over, thanks to a variety of parental control features baked in.

Thanks to this, you can let them have free rein over the tablet while enjoying the peace of mind. Kids’ Corner is a controlled space where you choose what your child gets to see or play. Photos, videos and apps can be share with your kids at your discretion.

Once it’s set up, the children can be left to their own devices while you spend some quality time by yourself. Topping this off, the display is TUV Rheinland certified, which means harmful blue light is filtered out, so you don’t have to worry about spending too long on the tablets.

Be it for entertainment, education or just casual browsing, the HUAWEI MatePad T 10s is perfect for all members of the family. So the next time you want to kick back and relax, you know exactly what to do.