Ghanaian tech startup, Klaks Technologies Limited, has introduced an affordable but robust 3D printer made from recycled electronic waste into the Ghanaian market.

The 3D printer, made from local materials and electronic waste is compatible with Linux, Windows and MacOS.

The printer can be used in the educational sectors to teach and improve innovation and creativity in students by aiding them create items of their choice.

Aside schools, the technology can be used by organizations for research purposes as well as quick prototyping.

The 3D printer can also be used in making teaching aids, prosthesis and in providing cheap consumables for community clinics.

In an interview with Kobina Abakah-Paintsil, CEO of Klaks, he indicated that although the machine has been commercialised, individuals who can’t afford it can bring their ideas to the company to be printed out.

However, individuals who place orders for the printers are assured of getting it within four(4) to six(6) weeks.

A purchase also comes with a one year warranty, free tech support for six months and a day’s training for institutions.

Additionally, Klaks Technologies offers training on how to design and use the machine.

The training cost ranges from 200-1000 cedis depending on the timeframe, whereas student programs also cost between 200-300 cedis per package.

Klaks hopes to expand soon in order to train more people, especially students on how to print bigger and high quality materials.

It also hopes to partner with STEM NGO’s as well as government to provide their services to hospitals and schools.

The company, aims at making 3D printers ubiquitous in Africa.

For further enquiries individuals can contact [email protected] or @klaks3D on Facebook.