Kodak in partnership with Wenn Digital have announced the launch of KodakCoin and the KodakOne image rights management platform.

KodakCoin is a photo-centric cryptocurrency designed to empower photographers and agencies to take greater control in image rights management.

Jan Denecke, CEO of Wenn Digital explained that the KodakCoin will ensure that the income of photographers is handled securely with trust.

“Subject to the highest standard of compliance, KodakCoin is all about paying photographers fairly and giving them an opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a new economy tailored for them with secured asset right management, built right in,” he said.

The coin offering will be opened on January 31, 2018.

It will be opened to accredited investors from U.S, U.K , Canada and other selected countries.

CEO of Kodak, Jeff Clarke also mentioned that the technologies will give the photography community an innovative and easy way to democratize photography as well as make learning fair to artists.