The Kokrokoo Charities Foundation have presented an incubator to the Eastern Regional Hospital, Koforidua.

The foundation is founded by Mr Kwami Sefa Kayi, the morning show host of Kokrokoo on Peace FM.

The Incubators which is said to be one of the best brands in the world costs about 10,000.00 US Dollars.

Presenting the Incubator, Mr Kayi explained that the foundation was established by a group of people and institutions who believed in giving back to society.

According to him, they pledged to donate 100 pieces of incubators to hospitals in the country.

This he said is to support efforts to give opportunities to preterm babies to survive and grow to contribute their quota to the development of the country.

According to him, the foundation has so far, presented 10 incubators to hospitals in the country and the presentation to the Eastern Regional Hospital, Koforidua was the eleventh.

Mr Kayi said the Eastern Regional Hospital, has three incubators provided by the government but if there is an opportunity, the foundation would donate some more incubators to the facility.

The Medical Director of the Hospital, Dr Kwame Anim Boamah who received the incubator on behalf of the hospital thanked the foundation and Mr Kayi for their gesture.

He gave the assurance that the hospital would take good care of the incubator to help support preterm babies to survive.