Kotoka International Airport’s (KIA) terminal three project according to authorities of the aviation industry will be completed in April 2018.

The Ghana Airports Company Limited said the Terminal, when completed, will process about 5 million passengers annually.

It will be a vast increase from the 2 million passengers currently being processed at the Terminal Two.

According to the Managing Director of the Ghana Airports Company Limited (GACL), John Attafuah the airport “is a much larger airport, more modern, highly computerized and modern day state of the art facilities.”

He added that GACL expects to be able to handle five million passengers per anum.

As it is currently, doing just about two million at terminal two.

He added that the project should be able to process over 1,600 passengers an hour during the peak of the project.

Mr. John Attafuah mentioned that the terminal will bring convenience to travelers.

“Now we will have what we call a passenger boarding bridge which means there is a bridge connecting the terminal building to the aircraft,” he said.

The Terminal three project is partly funded by the African Development Bank with the aim of easing pressure on the existing two terminals.