The Krachi West hospital this year will be securing equipment to enable them produce basic medinces at the hospital.

According to Dr. Hilarious Abiwu, the medical superintendent of the facility, this initiative taken by them is to help reduce high expenditure on basic medicines.

The hospital, is reported to have already constructed a production house, where the project will take place.

The project is being financed from internally funds generated by the hospital.

It is also being supported by the Korean Foundation for International Health in collaboration with the Korlebu Teaching Hospital and a pharmaceutical company known as Pharmanova.

As part of their initiative, the hospital has also constructed a 50 bed capacity children’s ward and a modern conference facility which will be equipped with a skills lab.

The skills lab will facilitate the training of students from the Krachi Nursing and Midwifery School.

Whereas the conference facility, will have teleconferencing equipment, which will enable the staff to participate in distance training programs.

He however mentioned that, the renovation will create space which will enable the hospital to admit more patients.