Pan African telco, Liquid Telecom, has signed an agreement with the Kenyan Electricity Transmission Company (Ketraco) to provide affordable, full fiber internet services to customers in East Africa.

The agreement will see the pair extend services in Somalia, Ethiopia and Uganda, and will see Liquid Telecom utilize Ketraco’s subsea electricity transmission lines, which currently serve the African east coast via its terminus in Mombasa.

“Our part is to bring equipment to commercialize the services. We want to connect the existing 2000 kilometers of Ketraco fiber to our over 1,000 plus fiber network to deliver reliable internet.

“The success of our nation is inextricably dependent on our digital economy. Our success depends on our ability to do business not only locally but competing in the global markets as well.

“It depends on our ability to connect with each other, to make discoveries, to learn and shop online, to take full advantage of services offered by the cyberspace,” said Adil Youssefi, CEO of Liquid Telecom Kenya.

Per reports, Liquid Telecom will be investing at least $7 million to commercialize Ketraco’s electrical transmission lines.

Phase one of the plan will see Liquid Telecom make use of 1,500km of cabling.

Liquid Telecom has won copious accolades for its work in bolstering connectivity across Africa and was recently named as the Best Regional Wholesale Operator for 2018 at the World Communication Award.

“All of our recent awards recognize the hard work, dedication and innovation of the entire Liquid Telecom team spread across Africa.

“We will continue to offer the quality network connectivity in the continent, combined with a multitude of innovative value-added services to help our customers grow their businesses and live a more digital life,” Glenn Maule, head of Wholesale Sales at Liquid Telecom said.