The DS 7 debuts at the Huawei Eco-Partner Conference 2018

The DS 7, the first car featuring Huawei Connect Car Solution, debuts at the Huawei Eco-Partner Conference 2018. It is the first result of Huawei and Group PSA’s collaboration on the world’s largest OEM connected car project announced in November 2017. The DS 7 is evidence of Huawei’s commitment to ongoing innovation and investment in the connected car domain.

Huawei’s Connected Car Solution Empowers Automobile Manufacturers to Accelerate Their Transformation

The automotive industry is evolving in the direction of connected cars as market demand grows and technology advances. The Huawei Connected Car solution is supported by Huawei’s Internet of Things (IoT) platform, OceanConnect. This solution offers business enablement suites via cloud services over the Huawei worldwide public cloud or Huawei-carrier jointly operated clouds. It supports travel services, car maintenance services, fleet management, shared leasing, user-based insurance (UBI), and more. By connecting physical car assets to the cloud in a secure, reliable, and efficient way, the solution allows users to extract digital assets out of these physical assets. Through the solution, automobile manufacturers can take advantage of valuable data assets, build up their ecosystems, and accelerate business transformation.

“Huawei’s connected car solution is designed to focus on the four needs of automobile manufacturers — namely, data collection, artificial intelligence (AI) and big data analysis, security deployment, and ecosystems,” said Guo Jin, President of the Huawei IoT Platform. “We insist on not developing upper-layer applications or touching user data. The data autonomy and control are exclusive to customers. Leveraging our decades of expertise in communications technology and a service network covering more than 170 countries, we are ready help automobile manufacturers explore business opportunities.”

The DS 7: A Brand-New Experience

As an all-new luxury car from DS AUTOMOBILES, the DS 7 is the new strategic product of the DS range in China. Its arrival aims to bring unprecedented sophistication, intelligence, and a luxury car experience to Chinese consumers.

“Our Connected Vehicle Modular Platform (CVMP), also called DS Connect, will be available globally to provide innovative offerings in the DS range,” said Laurent Fortune, CTO of DS Connect. “The DS 7 presents five aspects of services: easy travel, security assurance, worry-free car maintenance, interconnected sharing, and a fun lifestyle. We are excited to see how the DS 7 improves human-car interaction.” Services available now include emergency calls, smart parking, car health monitoring, driving behavior evaluation, news and entertainment, and concierge service. DS will continue to explore and provide a full range of customized services for customers by connecting their car and their life to everything.

The DS 7 was released for preordering on March 20 in China, and will be officially launched at the Auto China 2018 exhibition on April 25. Huawei’s global platform will also support all future car ranges of Group PSA. The partnership aims to operate the global platform in eight regions by 2020, serving more than 10 million connected cars in over 170 countries.