RAYFOUND Africa as part of its commitment in promoting behavioral and attitudinal change is set to host the maiden edition of an annual Pan-African youth capacity-building conference.

The programme dubbed ‘YouthSpark Pan-African Conference’ has been designed for successfully selected youth to acquire valuable leadership skills and develop cutting-edge skills on transforming their ideas into profitable ventures.

It also aims to create a platform for young people to meet like-minded fellow, understand how technology is being used, overcome corresponding risks and achieve great successes across Africa.

As part of the programme, 150 visionary, innovative and development driven youth shall be selected from 19 African countries to share ideas and strategies that can deliver accelerated problem solving opportunities in the Africa space.

Selected participants shall be given a set of random tasks to tackle in their local communities which will set their mind to learning before their participation at the conference.

There will also be a special session for participants to share their findings during the conference.

This will create an opportunity for others to learn and possibly export ideas learnt to their own countries.

Some countries participating in this year’s event include; Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Togo, Zimbabwe, Rwanda, Mali, Gambia, Congo, Uganda, Sierra Leone, Zambia, South Africa, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Namibia and Botswana.

The event has been themed “Technovation and Africa’s Economy; the role of young people”.

It is set to take off on August 1, 2018 and end on August 3rd.

Speakers shall include young people who are successful and have deep insight in their chosen fields but most importantly driven by the urgent need to rebuild the African economy through young people.

About RAYFOUND Africa

Raise A Youth Foundation Africa (RAYFOUND AFRICA) is a unique and inspiring youth based nonprofit organization committed to the promotion of behavioral and attitudinal
change of young people through transformation and character development programs.

It provides a platform designed to inspire, motivate, mentor and empower young people to discover and harness their innate potentials.