Microsoft in partnership with   TechnoBrain have introduce a new software christened, “Digital Agricultural Platform”.

The development aims at offering an agricultural platform to boost crop yields and increase the income of farmers.

It also looks forward to attracting the youth to farming.

The system has been designed to serve farmers across the African continent.

Anand Mohan, Chief Operations Officer TechnoBrain mentioned that, many African smallscale farmers lack access to information and knowledge that would help them maximize agricultural production.

And as such, the platform being offered by Techno Brain and Microsoft will empower them to increase their yields and income.

Offerings of the platform

TechnoBrain will deploy a technology that will collect sets of data, including location via GPS tools.

It will also collect information related to climate patterns in terms of rainfall patterns, land type and soil nutrition.

Microsoft will then use its upper hand to process of information using intelligent cloud services to generate insights.

The insights will then help farmers make informed farming decisions.

It has also been revealed that Microsoft is making deals with governments and businesses in India to create a system that will increase the yields and income of small-scale farmers in Africa.

“Microsoft’s vision is to use the power of our cloud and AI tools to help solve problems in core and infrastructural areas by enabling innovative and scalable solutions.

“The partnership with Techno Brain marks an important milestone in our ongoing efforts to help create sustainable livelihoods in Africa, India and rest of the world,” Anil Bhansali, Corporate Vice President Cloud, AI Microsoft said.

Report by: Stephanie Horsu