The Ministry of Transport has denied claims concerning the Ministry, issuing a directive for Uber operators to brand their cars as taxis.

On the contrary, Mr. Steven Nimo the General Secretary of the Commercial Taxi Drivers Association of Ghana said in a report that their petition was accepted and as such Uber operators have been asked do the branding.

It was also stated in the report that Uber drivers were given a one month ultimatum , to ensure that their cars are branded.

But the Transport ministry has denied those claims as well.

According to the Public Relations Office of the Transport Ministry, the board held a meeting with Uber Stakeholders and the Commercial Taxi Drivers Association but did not conclude on the matter brought before the house.

Taxi drivers who seem concerned and disturbed at the rate at which Uber drivers are taking their passengers from them claim there has been a violation of LI 2180 regulation.

They have however raised concerns that once Uber is operating as a taxi, they have to pay the Vehicle Insurance Tax which they have been exempted from.

However, the Transport Ministry has decided to look into the issue to determine if Uber operators fall under the Taxi Service.